Jurusan Tanah

Selangkah Lebih Maju

Vision, Mission and Goal

02 - Jan - 2019 PSIK


To be center of education and research in soil science field to contribute in land resource sustainability and be responsive to problems related to environmental devastation



  1. Conducting teaching and learning to generate graduates who are good academic, skillful, innovative and be competent in applying and developing soil science and integrate it with other sciences to plan, use and preserve the natural resources
  2. Developing and disseminating soil science and integrate it with other sciences to produce sustainable plant in order to elevate the society’s prosperity
  3. Using science and technology for environmental resource conservation


  1. Generate bachelor of agriculture who is ready to compete in global job market
  2. Develop and disseminate science and technology related to agriculture and environmental resource sustainability for society
  3. Collaborate with society in applying sustainable agriculture and environment conservation via community service


“A step ahead in quality and excellence”