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Human Resources

02 - Jan - 2019 PSIK

Soil science department has some excellent lecturers in terms of quality and quantity. The number of civil servant lecturer are 23 people in which 16 doctorate degree (8 professors), 7 master degree (1 person is still taking his master degree). Besides, there are 5 non civil servant lecturer in which 1 master degree, 3 are still taking their master degree and 1 bachelor degree. The ratio of lecturer who has conducted EKD either civil servant lecturer or non civil servant lecturer is 22:28 or 79%

List of Lecturers

Besides lecturers, Soil science department is also assisted by 12 academic staffs in which 4 administration staff, 1 technician, 1 compost staff, 1 PSIK staff, 1 laboratory technician of biology soil, 2 laboratory of chemical soil and 1 laboratory technician of PSISDL

Every staff do his/her job based on job description and function. It is used as his/her guideline in doing his/her job.

The evaluation of the staff’s performance is based on presence and Friday morning gym. It is appreciated by giving incentive. Incentive is included as DP3 evaluation items. Other evaluation item is doing his/her job responsibly. The evaluation is conducted monthly. In addition, reward is given annually to staffs who did excellent performance and had great evaluation result.

Training is conducted to increase the quality of academic staff, laboratory technician and administration staff. The training is as follows:





1 Goods and services supply training based on government regulation Republic of Indonesia number 54/2010. The organizer was LPPM UA Surabaya Rurin Kurniasari, Sp. MP. September 23 2011
2 Workshop of education laboratory norm’s role in laboratory management Sarkam, Ngadirin,

Suhamtono, Sripadmi


December 2-21 2012
3 Calibration at LSIH University of Brawijaya Sarkam, Ngadirin,

Sripadmi Wulandari

April 24-26 2013
4 Safety and security work training at LSIH University of Brawijaya Ngadirin,

Sripadmi Wulandari

May 22-23 2013

List of Academic and Administration Staff