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02 - Jan - 2019 PSIK

Soil science department, Faculty of Agriculture is one of four departments in Faculty of Agriculture, University of Brawijaya. It was founded in 1974 and was officially established by directorate general of higher education on September 24 1984. The forerunner of soil science department was soil science and fertilization department. Soil science and fertilization department was established just in time with extending two departments (agricultural economics and agricultural engineering) into four departments (soil science and fertilization, agronomy, plant protection and agricultural economics). The extension was based on the decree of the dean of Faculty of Agriculture.

In 2011, soil science department used two ways in terms students’ admission selection. First way was that cohort 2007 who had taken UMPTN admission test could be directly put into soil science study program. Second way was that students of sustainable agriculture who took minor in land resource management. The first way was stopped in 2008 because of the merger of 7 study programs (soil science, plant pest and disease, agronomy, plant breeding, horticultural, agribusiness, agricultural counseling and communication) into 2 study programs (sustainable agriculture and agribusiness)

Soil science department manages students of sustainable agriculture study program who take minor in Land resource management in fifth semester. These students enroll through SMPTN admission test who choose sustainable agriculture study program. The total of students accepted are based on the established quota from Faculty of agriculture. Students who take minor in Land resource management have good academic because it consist of 11% of students with GPA >3.5, 54% of students with GPA 3.00-3.5, 30% of students with GPA 2.72-3.00 and 5% of students with GPA 2.5-2.75.