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02 - Jan - 2019 PSIK

Soil science department is designed to produce bachelor of agriculture whose expertise in soil science. It is expected that the graduates are able to understand problems and optimize the benefit of land resource for either agriculture or non-agriculture function (e.g. education, research, plan, consultant, bank, and entrepreneurship)

Besides agriculture science, students of soil science department also learn specific science such as:

  • Soil chemistry: the availability of soil element, fertilization recommendation, soil fertile evaluation, environmental pollution, nutrient transport and absorption
  • Soil physics: soil management, irrigation and drainage, hydrology, soil and water management, environmental conservation, water resource, water scale, watershed study, soil physics evaluation
  • Soil biology: soil biochemistry, organic decomposition, biodiversity, ecosystem
  • Pedology and land resource information system: mineralogy and geology, soil survey and land evaluation, geography information system and land planning and development

The following are courses which are learned by students of soil science department:

  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Watershed management
  • Land resource conservation technology
  • Irrigation and drainage
  • Sustainable soil management