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02 - Jan - 2019 PSIK

Soil science department’s service is not only academic service but also administration and laboratory analysis.

  1. Administration

Official letters consist of send and receive letters which come from rector, vice rector, faculty of agriculture, other faculties, institution, technical unit, institutions either inside or outside University of Brawijaya. Those letters are archived according to code and subject, send letter based on the authority. The letters are recorded in three ways: write on book, separate based on code and subject and computerized.

Letters contained appointment are documented separately and are used as a basis of department’s policy. The decree can be issued by President, Minister of education and culture, rector and dean.

  1. Laboratory analysis

The analysis is undergone in laboratories of soil science department. In 2011, the laboratories are prepared to be accredited laboratory by improving management system to fulfil the laboratory competency with validity of test ISO 9001:2008

Procedure of using analysis laboratory service

  1. Send the sample along with request letter to head of laboratory (soil chemistry, soil physics and soil biology)

The sent sample should be enclosed with clear note. For example: soil (place, agroecosystem, land shape, main commodity, land condition when the sample taken, area width, fertilizer is usually used). Fertilizer (composition of the ingredients)


Parameter link and laboratory analysis price lists