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02 - Jan - 2019 PSIK

The association of Soil Science alumni is under auspices Ikatan Alumni Jurusan Tanah (HMIT), Ikatan Alumni Fakultas Pertanian, dan Ikatan Alumni Universitas Brawijaya. To commemorate the anniversary of Faculty of Agriculture and annual student’s events of Soil Science, Faculty of Agriculture and Soil Science department always invites alumni for both reunion and conference in which the alumni are the speaker of the conference based on their expertise.

The participations of the alumni in developing the department are as follows :

  1. Giving input for teaching and learning activity such as: advice for teaching methodology and teaching materials
  2. Networking
  3. Fund-raising through cooperation, student achievement reward, conference fund-raising and etc.
  4. Facilities charity such as book donation, learning facilities and infrastructures fund, and etc.
  5. Job vacation and cooperation offer

The website of alumni, Faculty of Agriculture

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